Unified Trinity Church  holds Gatherings, Classes and Special Events in our Heart Lights Sacred Temple.

All of these Gatherings, Classes and Special Events are designed to enlighten you on how to use the energies of The Ascension Trinity (the Heart Lights, the Intuition Mountains and the Wellsprings of Love) to assist you with your Awakening.

To find out when we are holding our Gatherings, Classes and Special Events, please check our Spiritual Calendar which features these events as well as events offered by
Heart Lights MInistry and Heart Light Awakenings.

In December of 2001, during a Vision Quest on Mt. Shasta, Ariel Excelsis Elohim was Ordained by the Shambhalla Masters as Maya Ohm The Mahatma for a new spiritual organization, Heart Lights Ministry.

The Divine Purpose of Heart Lights Ministry was to unite Light Servers from around the world to work together in activating the 12 Heart Lights which have been dormant since the creation of the planet.

Once the Heart Lights were activated, the Ministers and Deacons of Heart Lights Ministry dedicated their lives to assisting those  seeking to embrace the Path of  Awakening and Ascension.

Because of their Loving Dedication, Maya Ohm Mahatma and the Ministers and Deacons of Heart Lights Ministry have facilitated many powerful projects, initiations and empowerments which served to raise the Vibration of the planet and The Whole in preparation for the Major Shifts which occurred in 2012 between December 12th and the 22nd and which will continue to occur until the planet ascends.

In April of 2013 Maya Ohm Mahatma was inspired by The Shambhalla Masters to created a new website called HEART LIGHT AWAKENINGS.  The Divine Purpose of this website was to present Guidance from The Shambhalla Masters, the Ascended Masters and Angels to assist Light Seekers in Awakening to the Path of Enlightenment and Ascension.  On this website you will find various projects and meditations as well as Guidance to assist you with your Awakening.

During a Special Online Weak Celebration several years ago, Maya Ohm Mahatma, The Shambhalla Masters and the Ministers and Deacons were instrumental in merging the Divine Energies of The Christ Light, The Buddhic Light and The Mahatma (Gods Light) into One Unified Light . . . THE UNIFIED TRINITY.

For the first time since the creation of the planet Earth, Light Seekers and Light Servers were given a tremendous opportunity to work with The Unified Trinity in raising their Vibrations as well as the Vibrations of the Whole and experiencing "Heaven on Earth."

In September of 2014 Maya Ohm was once again inspired by The Shambhall a Masters . . . this time it was to establish the UNIFIED TRINITY CHURCH which would be the Crown of a perfect trinity consisting of the  UNIFIED TRINITY CHURCH, HEART LIGHTS MINISTRY and HEART LIGHTS AWAKENINGS.  This spiritual trinity offers everything Light Seekers need to raise their vibrations and awaken to the Path of Enlightenment and Ascension.

We invite you to visit all three websites to see if the information, insights and beleifs on these website resonate with your highest vibrations and use them, according to your Divine Will and Purpose to achieve all that you were meant to achieve on your amazing spiritual journey.

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