The most important thing to remember as a Reiki Practitioner is that you can't do anything wrong with Reiki.  Reiki always knows what type of healing a person needs and adjusts itself accordingly.  If you place your hands on the client's Crown Chakra and the Reiki energy feels the need for healing is in the Solar Plexus Chakra, that's where it's going to go.

            All you have to remember is to keep your fingers together so that you don't disperse the energy. By keeping your fingers together, the Reiki energy will beam its way directly from the palms of your hands into the body.  If you separate your fingers, it will disperse in a wider area and not be as effective.

            While Reiki energy is not harmful to the client or yourself, and while you are not in any danger of taking on the karma of your client, it is most important to center, ground, and bring in the White Light of Love, Healing and Protection to transmute any negative energy taht may surround your client or yourself. Do this while standing at the head of the massage table, before you begin your treatment.


            Many Reiki Practitioners use the Kanji hand positions prior to giving Reiki treatments. They are an easy way to center, ground and bring in the White Light. While you may use any method you prefer to center and ground before giving a treatment, you may want to learn these positions, as they are most beneficial.



Kanji 1 is used for centering and grounding.


This one is simple. Clasp your hands and hold them close to your heart center. As you look down on them, your two thumbs should be together and straight up. Then your two index fingers would ALSO be together and straight up. The rest of your hands are clasped. The best way to form Kanji I is to clasp all fingers together. Then straighten up your thumbs, then your index finger



Kanji II is used to bring in the White Light.

This is like Kanji I except that you clasp your index fingers and join and straighten your middle fingers.  Once you  form the Kanji, raise your hands and arms above your head, with your eyes closed and third fingers pointing upwards toward the heavens. Slowly lower your arms until your hands are in front of your heart center.  As you do this you will experience the White Light coming down into all of your bodies through your Crown Chakra.  Itís awesome.



Kanji 3 increases your intuitive abilities.

Begin by entwining your fingers together. Close them as much as you can so that your hands look like the top and sides of a square.  Your thumbs should be together and straight up.



Kanji IV opens the portals to other dimensions and realities.

Now this one is very, very tricky, but worth the effort to learn it. Turn your hands so you are looking at your palms. Take your right ring finger and place it between your left index and middle fingers. Take your left ring finger and place it between your right index and middle fingers (youíll have to do a little twisting of your hands to accomplish this).   Allow your baby fingers to touch each other and stick straight up  (like you did with your index fingers in Kanji I.   Bring your middle fingers forward (on top of the intersected ring fingers) so that the top pads of your middle fingers are touching the top pads of your thumbs.  Join your Index fingers so they are forming a steeple. Your wrists should be close together, and your elbows pointing at an angle towards the floor.

Many Reiki Masters and MasterTeachers teach the Kanji positions to their initiates. If you would like to learn them and your Reiki Master/Teacher is either not available or does not know them, ask any member of the Reiki Connection for assistance. We will be more than happy to pass on the information.