Reiki is unique. Some people might consider training the most important component in becoming a Reiki Practitioner. Actually, the training is rather simple. The attunements are the most important part.  Once you receive the attunements, the Reiki energy will flow into your Crown Chakra and throughout your body for the rest of your life. You transmit this wonderful healing energy through the palms of your hands.



            Some claim that one attunement is all you need for each level of Reiki in order to be attuned to that level. However, many of us believe that additional attunements enhance and refine the Reiki energy which will flow through you, as well as raise your consciousness and increase your intuitive abilities. I recommend giving two activating attunements for Reiki I, and two activating attunements for Reiki II, III, Master and Master Teacher. Members of the Reiki Connection also prescribe to this process.

            If you receive your Reiki I from any Reiki Master or Master Teacher who belong to the Reiki Connection, you will receive at least two activating energy attunements. The first attunement gently opens the energy matrices at the Crown (or top) Chakra. It then moves along the spinal column with its subtle body counterpart, gently aligning and balancing your major energy chakras. An increasing amount of Light energy is directed to the area of the Solar Plexus and the center of the palms of both your hands.

            The second activating attunement increases the flow and velocity of the Light energy while gently widening the energy "core" and activating the primary left and right energy paths (known as the Ida and Pingala).  It also serves to lock and seal the established energy flow from the Higher Vibrations and aligns the major energy centers to receive and utilize trans-dimensional energies. Your system is established intact and opened to a higher level of Universal resonance that can be increased through conscientious use and application.

            Most of my initiates have affirmed that their attunements were the most enjoyable and powerful spiritual experiences they have ever had. Some have had mystical experiences, bringing personal messages, healings, awareness of other lifetimes as healers, and communication with their Guides, Masters and/or Power Animals. Some have reported being able to "see" auras when they never could before. Others were well aware of an opening in their Third Eye Chakra and increased awareness and intuitive abilities. I have also found that receiving the Reiki attunements begins a cleansing process for the Initiate which affects the physical body as well as the mind and emotions.

            I have received reports from Initiates that have been very enlightening with regard to the cleansing and purification process. One Initiate who had allergy problems found that the symptoms intensified for 12-18 hours following the first attunement. After that, the allergies no longer were a problem. Another Initiate had problems with high blood pressure. After receiving the attunements for Reiki I, her blood pressure slowly and methodically went down until it reached the acceptable level. Other Initiates have explained that their Reiki attunements were responsible for the cleansing of toxins in their bodies and that old, un-warranted and unwanted fears miraculously disappeared. They felt stronger and more in control of their lives than ever before.

            During an attunement, the Initiate sits in a chair, eyes closed, hands in prayer position, allowing the mind to go blank to receive any messages, thoughts or visions which may come from the attunement. With the exception of a dedication and blessing, the attunements are performed in silence. They consist of a series of hand positionings and placing the Reiki attunement symbols in the Initiate's field. At one point this is done by mentally drawing the symbols. At another point it is done by blowing the symbols into the Crown, Third Eye and Heart Chakras, and also by slapping them into the palms.

            It is acceptable if the Initiate wishes a close friend or relative to witness the attunements, but I have found that the experience is much more profound if done with just the Reiki Master/Teacher and Initiate present. Many Reiki Master/Teachers give classes, during which all Initiates receive training and attunements together. These classes work very well for some; not so well for others.  Most of my training and attunements have either been done on a one-on-one basis or on what I call the "Buddy System" (where two or three friends receive their training and attunements together).  This works the best for me and for those who come to me for training and attunements.  Other Master/Teachers are more comfortable working with larger classes. Either way is right, and no way is more effective than the other. Reiki just "does its own thing!"

            The Reiki I Initiate is first given the Reiki Manual and then receives one attunement (after a brief explanation of the process).  The attunement takes about 15 minutes.  After the first attunement, the Initiate receives  in-depth training in the scientific method of activating and applying the Reiki energy and specific hand positions to use when giving a Reiki treatment. This takes about an hour.  The Initiate then receives the final attunement, after which the Reiki Master/Teacher answers any questions the Initiate may have and presents the Initiate with his/her Reiki I Certificate.

            Once the Initiate has received the attunements, all he/she has to do to activate the Reiki energy is to place his/her hands on the subject to be healed, with the intention of healing.  Reiki has its own intelligence and automatically flows to whatever areas need healing. It works together with the subject's Higher Vibrational Essences.